Itegrated Policy for Environment, Safety, and Health

The General Management intends to formalize its commitment to pursuing customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and the health and safety of workers.

Aware that its activities, processes, and service delivery generate direct and indirect effects on the environment, it is committed to monitoring actions that influence it and raising staff awareness of its respect.

To this end, it identifies the following primary objectives for the organization’s activities:

  • Continuous improvement of the quality, environmental, health, and safety management system
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention, also through the full involvement of strategic suppliers
  • Commitment to the health and safety protection of all those who work for and on behalf of the company to prevent injuries and occupational diseases
  • Compliance with social, environmental, and worker health and safety regulations
  • Prohibition of alcohol and drug consumption
  • Risk assessment of “security” and related protection actions to assure customers of information security

The company aims to achieve these goals through its organization by systematically implementing:

  • Control of the quality of the service provided
  • Training of personnel influencing service and processes
  • Continuous resource adjustment and the pursuit of productivity improvement
  • Selection of carriers with better environmental performance
  • Preference for intermodal logistics
  • Recycling
  • Use of new, safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly technologies

All professional figures within the structure, regardless of the specific responsibilities assigned, are crucial for achieving the objectives of quality, environmental protection, and worker health and safety.

The application of the entire system, therefore, involves all functions and requires the participation, commitment, and effective interaction of all organization personnel.

The continuous growth of the service must be pursued through its regular review aimed at monitoring predetermined objectives and recognizing potential areas for improvement.

The General Management is committed to implementing, supporting, and periodically verifying the above-stated Policy, disseminating it to all persons working for or on behalf of the company, making it available to the public, and ensuring its understanding, implementation, and adequacy.