With the Board of Directors' resolution in July 2023, U. Del Corona & Scardigli adopted its own ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Code of Conduct, defining the company's value system and rules of conduct towards various stakeholders concerning sustainability pillars: environmental protection, social impact, and corporate governance. The ESG Code of Conduct is not entirely new for U. Del Corona & Scardigli, as it consolidates and systematizes the various policies already applied within the company on anti-corruption, human rights, environment, health and safety, and social responsibility, fully consistent with the Ethical Code and the organization and management model introduced since 2018. Specific guidelines and rules of conduct have been associated with each sustainability theme – Environmental, Social, and Governance – that management and staff must respect in their daily actions within the company and in interactions with all stakeholders. This aims to best support the progressive integration of sustainability into the company's strategy. The company is convinced that economic growth, social cohesion, and environmental protection must go hand in hand to ensure sustainable income, work, and well-being, while maintaining efficiency, reliability, and reputation within the economic and social context in which U. Del Corona & Scardigli operates. Anyone interested in obtaining more information or clarifications regarding this communication can contact Dr. Riccardo Andreani at, appointed by the company's management as the internal ESG contact.


We pay utmost attention to environmental sustainability. For each client, we conduct thorough environmental impact studies with the goal of minimizing the ecological footprint of shipments. We also offer the possibility of obtaining a detailed carbon footprint report, allowing our clients to monitor and understand the environmental impact of their logistics operations. Our dedication to sustainability not only meets the needs of our clients but also contributes to protecting our planet for future generations.

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