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With the new office in Verona, Del Corona & Scardigli will offer a comprehensive suite of shipping services, including: Freight forwarding,Warehousing and distribution, Transportation and logistics consulting

Strategically located in the heart of northern Italy, Verona is an ideal location for a new office, providing seamless access to key European markets as well as proximity to important transportation hubs. The Verona office will leverage the city's advantageous position and Del Corona & Scardigli's extensive experience to deliver world-class shipping services to clients in Italy and beyond.

Del Corona & Scardigli's commitment to exceptional customer service, supported by a team of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology, will ensure the success of the new office in Verona. Customers can expect the same level of dedication, quality, and reliability they have come to know and trust from Del Corona & Scardigli.

For more information about the Verona office or to inquire about their shipping services, please visit the Del Corona & Scardigli website or contact the Verona office directly.

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