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New York, NY 1001813th floor
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Situated in the heart of Manhattan, the Del Corona & Scardigli USA Inc. office in New York serves as the primary headquarters for DCS USA. This flagship office, with its strategic location amidst the dynamic hustle and bustle of one of the world's leading financial hubs, stands as a beacon of the company's commitment to providing world-class logistics and shipping services.
As you step into the office, you are immediately greeted by a modern and professional environment that reflects the innovative spirit of the company. The open-plan workspace, bathed in natural light, fosters collaboration and efficiency, while private meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology provide an ideal setting for strategic planning and discussions.
Specializing in ocean export and import services, the New York office is perfectly positioned to manage a high volume of shipments. A team of seasoned experts work tirelessly to handle every detail, from booking to delivery, ensuring each shipment is executed with utmost precision and care. Their intimate knowledge of global shipping operations, combined with their strategic access to key shipping routes, ensures that every shipment is managed with maximum efficiency.
Notably, as the flagship office, the New York location sets the standard for all DCS USA operations. It is not only a focal point for the company's American operations but also a critical link in the global network of Del Corona & Scardigli offices. Its strategic location and specialized services underscore the company's ongoing commitment to exceeding client expectations and maintaining its status as a leader in the shipping and logistics industry.
In summary, the Del Corona & Scardigli USA Inc. office in New York is more than a workspace; it is the symbol of the company's enduring dedication to quality service, operational excellence, and global connectivity. As the flagship office, it continues to drive innovation and excellence across the entire DCS USA network.

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