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Уланский переулок 22/1 офис 534 Ulanskiy pereulok 22/1Уланский переулок 22/1 офис 534 Ulanskiy pereulok 22/1
101000 - Moscow
101000 - Moscowoffice 534


The Del Corona & Scardigli Russia office, located in the vibrant city of Moscow, serves as a pivotal center for import and export operations. With its strategic presence in Russia, this office plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive logistics solutions to clients engaged in international trade.
Nestled in Moscow, a major economic and cultural hub, the office benefits from its advantageous position in a thriving market. Russia offers a wealth of import and export opportunities, and the Del Corona & Scardigli Russia office is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the Russian market.
Specializing in import and export operations, the Moscow office caters to the diverse needs of clients. The experienced team is well-versed in international trade regulations, documentation requirements, and customs procedures, ensuring that shipments are managed efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws.
The strategic location of the Moscow office within Russia enhances its capabilities in connecting clients to a vast network of transportation routes, both domestically and internationally. Leveraging its partnerships with trusted carriers and extensive logistics networks, Del Corona & Scardigli Russia ensures timely and reliable import and export services.
The Moscow office is committed to providing tailored logistics solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client. Whether it involves coordinating complex shipments, optimizing transportation routes, or managing customs clearance, the dedicated team delivers efficient and reliable logistics services.
In summary, the Del Corona & Scardigli Russia office in Moscow serves as a vital center for import and export operations. With its strategic location, in-depth understanding of the Russian market, and commitment to tailored logistics solutions, the office supports clients in capitalizing on the vast import and export opportunities in Russia, facilitating their trade operations with efficiency and success.

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