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10255 Gran Park Boulevard, Medley, Florida 33178, Stati Uniti d'America10255 Gran Park Boulevard, Medley, Florida 33178, Stati Uniti d'America
Medley, FL 33178 Miami (Florida)


Nestled in the vibrant city of Miami, the Del Corona & Scardigli USA Inc. office serves as a vital point of operation for the company's U.S. activities. Providing specialized shipping services by sea, land, and air, this office signifies the company's commitment to delivering customized, high-quality logistics solutions.
Stepping into the Miami office, visitors are met with an environment that embodies professionalism and dynamism. The open-concept workspace is designed to facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, while the state-of-the-art meeting rooms provide an optimal setting for strategic planning and client discussions.
The Miami office offers a wide array of services, with departments dedicated to sea, land, and air transportation. Each of these specialized teams is equipped with the expertise and experience to manage and execute shipments with precision and efficiency, ensuring that all logistical needs are met with the highest standards.
A standout feature of the Miami office is its dedicated warehouse facility. This on-site warehouse offers clients the added advantage of streamlined storage and distribution services. The facility is equipped with advanced systems to ensure efficient inventory management and swift cross-docking operations. This means that goods are not just transported, but also stored and managed with the utmost care and professionalism.
The strategic location of the Miami office, coupled with its range of services and on-site warehouse, allows Del Corona & Scardigli USA Inc. to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end logistics solutions. Whether it's coordinating a sea freight operation, managing a land transportation schedule, overseeing an air freight delivery, or managing warehouse operations, the Miami office is fully equipped to handle it all.
In summary, the Miami office of Del Corona & Scardigli USA Inc. plays a crucial role in the company's network, embodying its commitment to delivering top-tier, customized logistics solutions across the United States and beyond.

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