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DCS Fiorini, based in Venice, Italy, is a leading player in the field of international transport. Established in 1920, they have been shipping goods all over the world for over a century. They provide comprehensive support for all customs operations, and offer services such as warehousing, customs warehouse, and VAT warehouse. The company operates with a "tailor-made" model, offering personalized approaches to every type of goods, from packaging systems to the type of carrier. They offer air shipping for quick deliveries, sea shipping (with FCL or LCL service) for long-distance shipments that can't be sent by air, and road shipping to reach any European and domestic destination thoroughly. Fiorini handles all types of goods, both large and small, taking care of customs classification, customs operations, and storage. As a customs forwarder, they identify the optimal solution and most suitable mode of transport depending on the goods, type of material, and destination country. The operations are carefully monitored at every stage, from planning activities to the actual realization of the transport. Fiorini ships globally, leveraging the most competent carriers, modern technologies, and the professionalism of its collaborators. They handle international shipments from Italy to the entire world, as well as foreign-to-foreign shipments, thanks to their extensive global network that enables them to manage boundaryless shipments, including to China, USA, Switzerland, and the rest of the world. In addition to general transport, Fiorini specializes in certain areas. They offer transportation services for works of art, serving artists, collectors, and galleries with passion, professionalism, and years of experience. They understand the importance of handling artistic creations with the necessary care, whether they're contemporary or more traditional works of art. Fiorini has also been a strategic partner to leading companies in the footwear sector for over 30 years. They provide specialized services in customs classification and the related combined nomenclature for this sector, supporting the distribution of 'Made in Italy' products. Recognizing the importance of offering concrete and verifiable quality standards, the company established a quality control system in 1997. In 2008, Fiorini was awarded an important certification from the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification, demonstrating the company's commitment to maintaining a high level of quality.

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