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Via Provinciale Selice, 44Via Provinciale Selice, 44
40026 Imola (BO)
40026 Imola (BO)Torre Molini
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The Del Corona & Scardigli office in Imola is a center of excellence for the management of overland transport services. Located in a strategically significant geographical position, the office represents a crucial node in the company's transport network, establishing itself as a fundamental reference point in the logistics sector.
The interior of the office reflects the company's innovative and professional approach. Open workspaces, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, promote collaboration and efficiency, while private meeting rooms offer an ideal environment for discussion and strategic planning. The combination of modern and functional design creates a stimulating and productive work environment.
The Imola office specializes in managing overland transport services, boasting deep experience in this type of transport. A dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to coordinate land shipments, ensuring that every load reaches its destination safely and promptly. Thanks to their expertise and the strategic location of the office, they are able to quickly resolve any issues and optimize delivery times.
The expertise of the Imola team extends beyond mere logistic management: their know-how encompasses understanding regulations and specificities of road transport, thus ensuring a comprehensive service in compliance with current regulations.
In summary, the Del Corona & Scardigli office in Imola stands as a point of reference for overland transport, thanks to its strategic location, the competence of its team, and its ability to offer an effective and reliable service.

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