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Via Degli Acquaioli, 16Via Degli Acquaioli, 16
57121 Livorno


The DCS Liburnus Project office stands as a beacon of excellence in high-level project services. True to its name, this office specializes in managing complex, large-scale projects, maintaining a global clientele and having overseen projects of worldwide significance.
This office is the nerve center where globally resonant projects are coordinated, managed, and brought to fruition. A dedicated team of experts work tirelessly, applying their specialized skills and deep understanding of project management to ensure each project is executed flawlessly. These professionals are adept at navigating the complexities inherent in large-scale projects, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned and executed.
DCS Liburnus Project is the only project company within the Heavy Lift Group, an organization that brings together the top companies specializing in project services. Being part of this prestigious group is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and excellence, and it underlines the high regard in which it is held within the industry.
Notably, DCS Liburnus Project also offers full ship chartering services. This service allows clients to hire entire ships for their transport needs, ensuring they have the space and capacity required to move large or complex cargoes. Whether it's for large-scale construction equipment, industrial machinery, or other heavy or outsized goods, clients can rely on DCS Liburnus Project for their shipping needs.
In summary, the DCS Liburnus Project office is a hub of excellence in project services. Offering high-level project management and full ship chartering services, this office is equipped to handle the most complex and demanding projects. As a member of the Heavy Lift Group, DCS Liburnus Project is part of an elite group of companies dedicated to delivering top-tier project services on a global scale.

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